Toukon Ryu Karate was founded in 2010 by Chief Instructor, Shihan Paul Hart.

Toukon Ryu literally translates to “fighting spirit”. This name was chosen as it so eloquently expresses the very essence of what we do, and what we are about. 


Our primary focus is to equip students with the skills necessary for them to be able to defend themselves. The building blocks of successful self-defence are explained to students by reference to the Toukon Ryu Triangle. The triangle illustrates the Club curriculum, and demonstrates how the skills we teach all build on each other. We begin by teaching students basic techniques. Basic techniques are then put together to form basic combinations. Once a student has a good grasp of the basics, they are taught kata and kumite.



Toukon Ryu Karate prides itself on adherence to traditional values


Students are taught not only to respect themselves, but also to respect others, as well as the environment that they train in


Karate is a disciplined sport and students are expected to conform to the dojo rules


Students learn about strength. They gain physical, mental and emotional strength through their training.


Perseverance is encouraged throughout training. Giving up in real life is never an option. Students are therefore tested and pushed, (at an appropriate level) and are encouraged to develop and maintain a ‘never give up’ attitude

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