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About Toukon Ryu


Paul Hart

 Toukon Ryu Karate was founded in
2010 by Chief Instructor,
Shihan Paul Hart.

Toukon Ryu is affiliated to
UNZKO (Karate New Zealand) and
member of Japan Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai.

Toukon Ryu literally translates to “fighting spirit”. This name was chosen as it so eloquently expresses the very essence of what we do, and what we are about.

Our primary focus is to equip students with the skills necessary for them to be able to defend themselves. Obviously, we hope that our students will never have to utilise these skills outside of the dojo (place of training).  

The Toukon Ryu Triangle

The building blocks of successful self-defence are explained to students by reference to the Toukon Ryu Triangle. The triangle illustrates the Club curriculum, and demonstrates how the skills we teach all build on each other. We begin by teaching students basic techniques. Basic techniques are then put together to form basic combinations. Once a student has a good grasp of the basics, they are taught kata and kumite.

Toukon Ryu Values

Toukon Ryu prides itself on adherence to traditional values


Students are taught not only to respect themselves, but also to respect others, as well as the environment that they train in.


Karate is a disciplined sport and students are expected to conform to the dojo rules.


Students learn about strength. THey gain physical, mental and emotional strength through their training.


Perserverance is encouraged throughout training. Giving up in real life is never anoption. Students are therefore tested and pushed, (at an appropriate level) and are encouraged to develop and maintain a 'never give up' attitude.

Toukon Ryu Grading System


We currently have classes on the North Shore, West Auckland and in Hamilton. 
Please see the timetable below for class times and locations.




This is a compulsory fee for ALL students and will include a yearly
membership card, student pack including karate notebook and pen.
(Payment due: Before the first grading of the year)


Casual class payments:
$15.00 per class (per person)

OR –

Pre-paid training: Term card (3 months)*

Please note:
Pre-paid training cards cover a three month period:
1 January – 31 March,
1 April – 30 June,
1 July – 30 September,
1 October – 31 December

Bronze $156.00

1 class per week

Silver $216.00

2 classes per week

Gold $250.00

Unlimited training

Late starter pricing is available on request for those on extended holidays, starting midterm etc.

A 10% fee discount is available for subsequent members of the same family (up to 3 people).

All late payments will incur a 10% late charge.

Pre-paid training cards do not cover special classes, grading, or tournament training.

Grading Fee: $35.00
(Pay on the day)

New belts: $15.00
(Pay on the day)

The Karate Company
12 - 3085 - 0476043 - 00

Click here to fill out the
Club Registration Form


Tournament Training

Tournament training is a specialist, high performance programme offered to
dedicated students of the club. The training consists of highly focussed training on
Sundays from 5.30-7.30pm at Abs Gym (Glenfield).
Trials for tournament training are held at the start of each training year.

Tournament team members will be expected to:

• Attend every session;
• Demonstrate a willingness to learn and a desire to succeed;
• Display a positive attitude (good etiquette) throughout their training;
• Represent the club with pride and respect.

Toukon Ryu Karate supports WMAC (World Martial Arts Championships) events.


Club News

Toukon Ryu in Australia

Toukon Ryu Karate Australia is run by Sensei Craig Griffiths and Sensei Sam Seigers. Check out their Facebook page for class locations and updates.


Friends of the Club

We have started a Friends of the Club page to help with club sponsorship.
This is where businesses can advertise their company via our club material which includes, Club Newsletters, our Website, and our Facebook page.
Promoting your business via our Friends of the club page will only cost 0 per week.
This can be paid monthly or yearly. If you are interested please contact
Shihan Paul Hart, by email.
Listed below are a range of businesses that support Toukon Ryu. 

Abs Gym is located in a Glenfield residential area surrounded by North Shore suburbs and we have plenty of parking. Only one price of 0 per week +GST and a one-off $99 membership fee, no tricky deals to figure out! No contracts, no notice period to quit AND you get a free, personal workout program, custom-designed to get you started!

FITWEAR is committed to bringing you the highest quality fitness apparel at an affordable price. We believe in a community of athletes and recreational lifters who always want to look and feel their best – which is why our premium product lines focus on quality materials, simple design and procuring the best fit.

The Greenhithe Village Hall has a capacity to sit up to 120 people. Full kitchen facilities are available including a fridge, microwave, 2 stoves, a zip water heater plus very large working areas. This hall is ideal for parties, wedding receptions and shows. Contact Harcourts on 09 413 6255 or email for availability.

Combined experience in excess of 45 years in the profession working with the elite in the sports field across multiple sports including Triathlon, Football, Cycling, Basketball, Dancing and many others.

Commitment to continual professional development with ongoing training in the latest evidence based therapy.

Club Merchandise

We have a new range of club merchandise available for all to purchase. 
Everything from a t-shirt to a polo shirt, singlet to a cap,
 jacket to a hoodie, and even a bag to order.
Click on the link below to view and order the merchandise.


Contact Toukon Ryu

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